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My referral program has been so successful that it accounts for over 80% of my business, thanks to top agents as yourself. Becoming part of my referral network means that you are actually my partner with your current referral, or any that may come after that.  If your referral buys and/or sells additional properties in the future, even in the distant future, or if they refer one of their friends/colleagues to me - our partnership guarantees that you will be receiving another check. 

My referral business is strong because I close the deal - which partially explains why we are the #1 team at Sotheby's in New York City.  My focus is facilitating the transaction from start to finish, keeping you in the loop as much as you would like, and writing you the LARGEST referral check possible when the transaction is completed. 

Being part of my referral network also means that you will be receiving referrals from me --- what could be better than that?  I will even help promote your exclusives here in New York City and throughout the Sotheby's network. After all, WE ARE PARTNERS!

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For the last 10 years over 80% of his business has come from referrals generated through previous clients. Both buyers and sellers return for repeat transactions because of the strong relationships he forms, and they in turn refer their friends and colleagues.

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